Thomas Herr
Andreas Geyer
Jakob Glaesser
Urs Reif

What is it all about...?

„Welcome to the Voodoo Puff “ – But what the hell is that supposed to mean ???

According to ole dusty Jake “The Snake” it’s one of those experiences. (Especially for Gus “Tuna” Johnson who got lost along the way. He died at a place that we’ve never been before although he got the key.) “Snake” just told us it comes along while playing tunes in smoky bars for almost a decade. In those places, where guests scramble over the piano to reach out for the bartender and musicians have to jump out of a backside toilet window to get back on stage … That kind of thing!

Anyway, in a starry night “Tuna” returned to his own darkness while we were finally on our way to the third record. All the way down from Maggie’s kitchen with half a package full of cigarettes and no money in the pocket. Selling our souls to “Snake” we were hoping to get the answer to the Voodoo Puff secret.But “Snake” is a pretty shabby guy and didn’t fulfil his part of the contract.

Next time we got to see him, he was like: “Long time no see you fools! But what the hell are you talking about?”

“Soul against secret? The deal, man – the deal! Sooner or later one of us must know!

He just simply smiled and said: Listen! And turn it up! Turn – it – up!”

The years passed on and on. And until today – all that we know is: It has got something to do with “Tuna”.

Welcome to the Voodoo Puff …